Thursday, December 13, 2007

First Go Round

Hi friends. Thanks for visiting my new little blog. I have been keeping up with several other food blogs for a few months now, always thinking to myself how lovely it would be to have a stylish blog where I, too, could write about food. And then I realized, oh, I can. So here it is.

I hope this blog will be a bit of everything food focused. I want to share recipes, tell you what I'm up to in my kitchen, write about specific ingredients, and write reviews of food related books and Portland restaurants. I want this blog to be a practical and creative outlet for me, as well as a useful and entertaining resource for readers.

At this very moment I don't have a digi cam but I hope to get one soon. You can't really have a food blog without pictures, right? For the time being just bear with me and imagine how gorgeous all this food must look.

So, thanks for reading, keep doing so, and I hope you find some good things to eat around here in the future.

1 comment:

Jason Simms said...

I have a coupla QQQQwestions.

Will there be a 1337 translation available by 2008? THX.

Will there be a section on how speak "Brinspeak" while eating "Brineats"?