Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yuck and Gross

One of my holiday presents this year was a crock pot. I had asked people at work for a hand me down crock pot (because I love hand me down kitchen things) and someone got me a brand spanking new one for our Secret Santa exchange. Thank you Santa (Deana). It has been sitting in its box in my kitchen for a few weeks now while I've been getting warmed up to the idea of crock pot cookery. I'm totally fascinated and excited, but I don't really get it yet.

So I decided to start with beans. Beans are cheap and easy and impossible to ruin, right? Wrong. These beans are nasty. Seriously. They went down the garbage disposal the second they cooled. Gross.

I don't know what I did wrong. I soaked dried canellini beans over night, then changed their water and added a quartered onion, some smashed garlic cloves, and fresh thyme. Then I turned it on low and went to work (yes, I did all those things before leaving the house at 7:15 am--it's because I'm amazing).

When I walked in the door the house smelled kind of good but mostly bad. The beans looked ugly. And they tasted ugly, bland and gross all at the same time. The onions and herbs and garlic looked gross, too.

Oh well. Maybe I was supposed to boil water in the crock pot before using it? Maybe my beans were too old? Maybe I shouldn't have soaked them first? I don't know.

It may take me a few more weeks to work up to using the crock pot again.

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