Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brin Eats Denver

Whew. There it is. Out with it. This post has been in my mind for months, a sentence popping in here or there. I planned on writing it sooner. Like, at least a month ago sooner. But it was too hard, to new, a bit too sad until now.

I moved. Back home to Denver. After months of deliberation and wondering I decided that it was time to leave Portland. I have always known that I didn't want to stay there forever, or even long term. I have also always known that I wanted to return home to be with my family and play in the Rocky mountains. I also knew that leaving Portland would never be easy, and that I would never be 100% ready to leave such a wonderful city.

I leave Portland with mixed feelings. I am leaving the coolest, most liberal, most radical, and most progressive city in the country. I am leaving a region that produces some of the finest foods. I am leaving friends, an amazing dance community, and a sweet and wonderful man who I have had so much fun with and learned so much from. I will miss the endless selection of restaurants, my home away from home (New Seasons), and the abundant farmers markets. I will miss riding my bike over the Steel Bridge on an old train trestle so close to the river that it feels like my wheels are on the water.

But I am also leaving that dreadful rain, and dark and dreary winters. For the first time in five years I am looking forward to the wintertime. I look forward to skiing snow covered mountains and waking up to a snow covered city. I am with my family again and will be present for the birthdays, parties, graduations, and holiday celebrations that I have missed so much. I look forward to the sunshine. As an adult I will reconnect with the city I grew up in; I am excited to relearn Denver.

I am also looking forward to a new culinary experience, working with new regional ingredients, and seeing what Denver dining has to offer. In this space I hope to explore the tastes of the west.

Thanks for being patient and I do promise to post more from now on. I have been cooking again and have a recipe or two up my sleeve to share.


Rani said...

Yay! Brin's eating again!

Jason Simms said...

Cook some yucca and pinon plz. THX.

Anonymous said...

oh my god, I didn't know you were moving! I so meant for us to become good friends, cook, bake and dance, and laugh. Good for you for knowing what you need to do to be happy, though, and I'm sure you'll visit soon.