Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sprouted Lentils: A Journey

An experiment is better descriptor. Sometimes I just read my cookery books for fun. Then I find something that sounds intriguing, realize I have all the necessary tools or ingredients, and get up to make it right now.

I fell in love with micro greens (sprouted beans and seeds) back in PDX. They are bright and colorful and add a wonderful texture and flavor to salads. They are also super nutritious for reasons that I do not quite understand.

I had a few tablespoons of lentils kicking around in the cupboard so I decided to sprout them. This is night one, where they soak overnight in some water. Tomorrow they will move to a jar. Stay tuned.

P.S. It snowed again. Yessssssss.

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Sarah Compton said...

Ooooh! Lentils AND Snow! What more could a girl want...? A trip to Portland perhaps? Can't wait to see your smiling face. I'm off to Tucson tomorrow for a much needed Vay-cay. If you need any beans from the native seed SEARCH- gimmie a call!